Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice

When you choose hardwood flooring, you choose timeless elegance, incredible durability, and an unrivaled lifespan that you will surely enjoy for a lifetime, once correctly installed. These floors match almost every décor you could imagine or create and works to keep you current even when trends or your interior design change. To find out more about how these floors can work for you, read along for the facts you need.

Why choose wood floors?

If a rich, versatile décor match is your primary goal, wood flooring is a choice that will serve you well for years to come. With many species choices, vast color and graining options, and detailed finish types, you will be able to personalize a look that speaks to your style with ease. Taking advantage of professional consultation and advice ensures your choices will serve your family best.

Excellent durability is built into these products, with solid hardwood offering more than 100 years and engineered wood flooring averaging about 30 years. That means you may never have to replace your floors once they are in place. You can add to the protection of your floors with a few well-placed area rugs or runners to help keep dirt, debris, and traffic from contacting the surface of the wood directly.

Proper installation of hardwood requires an acclimation period of between one and three days to allow your new products to adjust to the humidity inside your home. This safeguards your floors from buckling, warping, cracking, or splitting and leaves you with a gorgeous surface for the intended lifespan of the materials. Be sure to speak with a flooring professional about the specific details of your wood surfaces to find out more.

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