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Custom Outdoor kitchens | Lone Star Flooring - Lone Star Flooring

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy Dinner Under the Stars at Your Southeast, TX Home

Achieve Star Status When You Hire A Custom Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

We Texans love the outdoors, despite the heat. With a custom outdoor kitchen by Lone Star Flooring, you can prepare and enjoy a dinner the whole family will love, in the comfort of your backyard. You can count on Lone Star to:

  • Install your outdoor kitchen appliances.

  • Lay down new flooring, if needed.

  • Install granite countertops and fixtures.

  • Set up the plumbing and sinks.

Do you have a specific outdoor project in mind? We have a team of interior designers onsite to make your culinary dreams come true. Call Lone Star today to schedule an appointment.

Entertain Friends And Family Right In Your Backyard

Let Lone Star Flooring make the most of your outdoor area with walkway and patio improvements. Make sure everyone at your party has a place to kick back and relax. Call Lone Star Flooring today for more information.